Wednesday, July 8, 2020

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Cover Revealed

While I'm disappointed there won't be a full WWE 2K release this year, I'm hoping Battlegrounds is a fun little distraction at least.

The cover, as seen above, was released today and two things jumped out at me.
  1. Putting Stone Cold and The Rock front and center. Mainly, how that relates to the issues WWE has had building new stars. Ideally you'd have at least a current star squaring off with one of the two legends I figure.

  2. "The Man" Becky Lynch's absence from the cover is surprising. To a lesser extent so is BRAUN's.

Like I said, I'm hoping this is at least a fun party game type of game. If I can sit down with my son and goof off with it, that's all I need. Can't wait until WWE 2K22 next year though, I'm hoping the year off gets that series where they want it to go.

Photo Credit: WWE 2K