Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What They Should Do With Cedric Alexander & Ricochet

If you've been watching Raw, you'll know that the team of Cedric Alexander & Ricochet has been approached by MVP.

It may be more accurate to say that Cedric has been approached as they hinted at MVP having some discussion with Cedric only last night.

Many have called for the team of Ced & Ric (CedRic?) to join up with MVP, but I think going the American Males/nWo route would work a lot better for all involved.

If you don't recall how that played out...

I think going that direction would be more beneficial for both of them. Makes Ricochet a more compelling face if they want to get behind that. It gives Cedric more of an edge, and to me it's a far better option than them joining up as a team.

After last night, I think that's where they are going. Only time will tell though.

Upload Credit: BuffDaddyVideos, Photo Credit: The Ring Report