Thursday, July 30, 2020

MJF Nailed This On AEW Dynamite

I've been critical of a lot of MJF's shtick, but he absolutely nailed the delivery and content here.

This is a complete 180 from the usual tired nonsense I've seen from him, and has legitimately made me interested in a AEW Title Match against champion Jon Moxley.

It helps that I agree with some of the talking points here about wrestling in 2020, but he's also being genuinely irritating to the point that you don't look to him as a guy you'd want to support. The support Mox has also helps.

It is interesting though that some of the stuff they are touching on here is reminiscent of WCW's failed New Blood v Millionaires Club angle where the grievances against WCW top talent (Millionaires Club) were far more legitimate, yet the crowd rallied behind them.

The storytelling was all sorts of backward there, but MJF's attacks on Mox feel much more phony and hollow which helps here.