Thursday, July 23, 2020

Eddie Kingston Confronts TNT Champion Cody

I watched AEW Dynamite live, but I missed this as I was messing around with my new baseball cards. This is incredible work by Eddie Kingston. This dude took full advantage of this opportunity

The thing that strikes me about him in the limited times I have seen him is his aura of authenticity. Unlike a lot of guys in "this business" right now, everything about Kingston comes off as legit, and does not have even a hint of "playing wrestler."

Kingston is a guy I had heard about for years, and years. Never saw him live until an Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment show, and was sold. Me, Norko, and Jose went to that one, and at one point we had some chant going for him. Right as he acknowledged it we kind of let it die down. I'll never forget him giving us a sarcastic, "Thanks guys."

Back to Dynamite, I'm hoping to get to watch the match itself tonight. I know who won, but I heard great things about the match so I definitely want to check it out.

Kingston had this to say on AEW's social media after the show.

Somewhat related, this isn't the first time we've raved about an Eddie Kingston promo here on SAW DC.