Monday, June 15, 2020

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever Delivered

Edge v Randy Orton at Backlash last night was not legitimately "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" as Magnum TA v Tully Blanchard for the US Title in an I Quit, Cage Match at Starrcade '85 exists.

Did it deliver? It did. Based on the marketing I expected one of two things to happen:

1) Randy Orton hits a low blow, and an RKO for a quick and cheap win. This makes sense as he was the one pushing for the idea of a technical classic. It would be revealed that was a trick to screw with Edge.

2) They'd go for an "epic" match, and it wouldn't rise to the occasion. Think in terms of how many of us felt about the Last Man Standing at WrestleMania 36 match overstaying its welcome.

Instead we got a pretty entertaining (if not a tad long) match that left me pretty well satisfied.

For those who weren't aware of the banter between Randy Orton, and the NXT roster (specifically Ciampa) you may not have picked up on the best bit of the whole deal...Randy loudly and blatantly slapping his leg on the Punt Kick. It was a thing of beauty.

Back to the match itself it had a lot of the overly indulgent things you expect out of an attempt at an epic match, but it struck the right chords for me. It probably helps that I am a huge Randy Orton fan, and am just glad to see Edge get the opportunity to close out his career on his own terms, but they hooked me with this one.

In general, I prefer a sprint. In general, I prefer a shorter match. In this instance it worked for me.

As for the rest of the show, I thought Drew McIntyre's successful WWE Title defense against Bobby Lashley was really good with a bad finish. I kind of get they had to go that way to move the whole Lana/MVP aspect of Bobby's story down the road, but that would have been the best match on the show with a better finish in my mind.

The Women's Tag Title match was pretty good as well. Nothing else really stuck with me once the show was over.

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