Friday, May 8, 2020

Roman Reigns Talks About His Absence From The Ring

Reigns says the decision was "bigger than me" -- "It's my family, it's my children, they are my legacy. No matter what I do in this world, my children are gonna be the ones to represent my name and carry our name forward. So I had to make that choice for them, to protect them being so young."

As we enter our "new normal," I must admit I have wondered what things would have to look like before The Big Dog was willing to return. We still don't have an answer about that of course, but it is interesting to see his perspective here.

Whenever he returns, I'll be glad to see him back. WWE just isn't the same without him around.

He touches on The Undertaker's "Last Ride" WWE Network deal too, and has an interesting story about that.

I had no clue about the end ... like how he was gonna be laying his hat and his gloves and his jacket down, I didn't have any clue about that!

Back to the topic at hand, I've enjoyed being home with the kids and it sounds like he has too.