Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Quality Roman Reigns Fan Art "The Big Dog" By Tom

A Wrestling Twitter buddy of mine, Tom (@TQSherwood) shared this fantastic piece of Roman Reigns art last night.

It's based on this shot by Mark Torres Photography.

The work in progress shots are interesting as well. For example, the tattoo work on the arm went on last or near last as you can see here.

He also shares all of his art on Instagram. This piece is here, and the rest can be found there on IG.

As an aside, Norko was a huge Bayley fan which is something he shared with the artist so here's Tom's favorite Bayley pieces he's done as well.

Bayley Fan Art by Tom - "Lightning!" and "Rose-Coloured Girl"

I've known Tom for a little while on Twitter, and it's been really cool watching him ramp up his art project as I love to see people express themselves creatively, and do whatever positive thing it is they do that they are passionate about.


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