Saturday, April 4, 2020

Mattel WWE Elite Series 77 & 78


  • AJ Styles - Still not loving the head sculpt, but this one comes with an OC shirt.

  • Miss Elizabeth

  • Ronda Rousey

  • Rick Rude (Chase) - Don't love this Rude head sculpt either, but the Chase version of the figure with the Intercontinental Title on his tights is pretty cool.

  • The Fiend - A complete home run of a figure from the way the figure looks to the accessories. The only must-buy in this series.

  • Viscera - Falls in the "great figure that I'm probably not buying."


  • Drake Maverick - This is the first one of him in his wrestling gear so far as I know

  • Kofi Kingston

  • Matt Riddle - One of the two must-buys in this series. I already have the debut Matt Riddle Basic.

  • Naomi

  • R-Truth - The other one I am likely to buy with this series. R - Truth: 24/7 Champion is too iconic to pass up.

  • Randy Orton - A great Orton figure that I doubt I'll buy as I have definitive figures from all his different looks at this point.