Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Jinder Mahal Is Back!

Jinder Mahal returned to WWE TV on Raw after a lengthy absence due to injury. He changed his look up a bit with the clipper cut, and was without the Singh Brothers.

His return set off a debate on Wrestling Twitter about something we have kicked around a ton...Is Jinder any good?

I am firmly in the Jinder Is Good camp as I think he's got a great and unique look, and his WWE Title run was a lot of fun.  This was, in part, because there didn't seem to be any obvious thing they were working to and it added an unpredictability as it felt like he could drop it at any time.

In-ring may not be anything special, but I don't really see how that matters.  There's a ton of guys who have great matches that I don't give two flips about. Jinder is the opposite of that. I enjoy watching him whether his matches are setting the world on fire or not.

Another thing with him is that he is believable, and he can talk.

This brief WWE Dot Com Exclusive is an example of that, and is also something they should be doing more of on their shows.

Like I said in the Tweet, it's simple and effective and it reminds me a bit of the old days of wrestling where they'd shove a mic in a guy's face while he was still in the ring or over at the podium near the ring in a studio wrestling environment.

Anyhow, welcome back Jinder and MAHAL HAIL!