Monday, April 13, 2020

Forgotten TV Sitcom, Wild Ending..."I Married Dora"

My family watched this episode of "I Married Dora" live when it aired, and it has one of the most memorable ends for any show that I have ever seen.

Most people don't even remember this show though, and I didn't realize until just now that Juliette Lewis was on it.

Also look at the premise of this thing...
Los Angeles architect and single father Peter Farrell (Daniel Hugh Kelly) was dependent upon his housekeeper Dora Calderon (Elizabeth Peña). However, she was an illegal alien from El Salvador and the United States government's Immigration and Naturalization Service was about to deport her. To prevent her from being arrested upon her return home, and to be able to continue to employ her services as a housekeeper, the two married. As marriages under false pretenses were (and still are) violations of federal law, the first episode included a disclaimer notifying viewers of this fact and adding, "You should not try this in your own home."

I have zero recollection of that disclaimer.