Monday, March 2, 2020

Matt Sells And Donnie Janelaś St. Paddyś Day Party

The Town of Tyrone's St. Patrick's Day Celebration just got a touch wilder as they have announced that Hanson HeidelbergCement Group will be presenting a FREE OUTDOOR ACTION Wrestling show with the totally not wordy title of...

Matt Sells And Donnie Janela's St. Paddy's Day Party @ The St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

The SAW DC event page is located here, and as you can see the following are scheduled to appear...Matt Sells, Donnie Janela, "The Champ" AC Mack, Alan Angels, Brett Ison, Jaden Newman, Kevin Ku, "The Captain" Shawn Dean, and Nick Iggy of The Carnies!

It's going to be a great time at a perfect price. Come on down to Shamrock Park in Tyrone, GA and enjoy some free wrestling!