Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Dark Side Of The Ring - Season 2

This season looks crazier than the first...

If you pause the video at the end they have listed the following...

  • Owen Hart - Obviously this will be about his tragic passing in a stunt gone wrong

  • Chris Benoit - Murdered His Wife And Son Then Skirted All Responsibility

  • New Jack - Oh there are tons of stories to tell, I assume Mass Transit is one. The scaffold incident as well.

  • David Scultz - Slapped a reporter

  • Jimmy Snuka - Allegedly killed his girlfriend

  • The Road Warriors - Not entirely sure what exactly they are doing with them, but they are an institution

  • Dino Bravo - Murdered by organized crime figures allegedly

  • Herb Abrams - Ran the non-Watts UWF and went out in a baby oil cocaine fueled rage

  • The Brawl For All - Let's have wrestlers legitimately fight, what could go wrong?

While I'm most curious to see how they approach Benoit, and Owen I have to say that Dino Bravo, and Herb Abrams will be the most interesting ones. They are not as well-known to non-hardcore fans, and it will be interesting to see how deep they get with either subject.