Friday, February 21, 2020

New York Toy Fair: GI Joe, Ghostbusters, And WWE

New York Toy Fair is here, and there's already some stuff that I'm pretty excited about.

  • GI Joe 6" Classified Wave 1 and Convention Exclusive

    Roadblock and Scarlet look neat even though I think a lot of collectors would prefer looks that are more similar to the original 3.75" figures, and cartoon.

    UPDATE: More pics have surfaced including our first look at Duke!

  • Masters of the WWE Universe Wave 2

    I am psyched for the Roman Reigns, and Macho Man figures from this wave. They are the two I want the most out of all of the ones we have seen in general.

    It is a bit of a bummer (although I get it) that Macho Man's chest doesn't have that rolling battle damage piece that the He-Man and Skeletor did in the '80s. This one appears to work by opening the thing, and popping different pieces in to it.

    Good thing is you can take the vest or armor off, and it looks like a Macho Man wrestling figure.

  • WWE Ultimate Edition - John Cena, and Becky Lynch

    Both figures are PERFECT, and the Spinner Belt (as much as I grew tired of it) looks awesome.

  • Hasbro 6" Ghostbuster figures

    These look more child-like for lack of a better term than the Ghostbuster figures we've gotten so far. I think it's kind of a nice change of pace though from the more realistic ones we've seen.

There will be more posts like this to come as more things are revealed, but as far as what I've already seen today this is what I'm most fired up about.

PHOTO CREDIT: Toy News International