Saturday, February 22, 2020

New York Toy Fair: All Elite Wrestling, And Ghostbusters

Saturday at New York Toy Fair has brought us even more great product.

Here's what I'm fired up about right now, I'm sure more is coming soon.
  • Jazwares AEW Unrivaled

    The figs we saw for the first time today are fantastic. Hangman Page (I've decided he's my dude in AEW) is great. My son really digs the Dustin Rhodes, and I'm heavily leaning towards getting Mox.

    I like the toy belt, and the belt that comes with the Jericho figure is really sharp. Lucha Bros are fantastic figures that I likely won't pick up, and the same is true with MJF.

    Cody is the other one I will likely buy. We saw his on Wednesday with the others.
  • Hasbro's 6" Ghostbusters Plasma Series Wave 1 Figures

    Doubt I will pick any of these up as my son has all four Ghostbusters from Mattel's line, but I had to share as this Plasma Series is FANTASTIC looking

    I shared the more basic 6" figures that are coming yesterday so this is the Deluxe Collector's line.

    Hasbro is killing it with the Ghostbusters license (not that Mattel did a bad job, mind you).
PHOTO CREDIT: Toy News International