Monday, February 17, 2020

Mattel WWE Elite Series 76

Just realized I had not touched on the newest Elite Series lineup from Mattel's WWE line.

Here's the lineup, with a link to them on Ringside Collectibles.


  • BRAUN Strowman

  • Christian (Brood) - Regular version is the white shirt, and the variant has a black shirt

  • John Cena

  • Lacey Evans

  • OTIS (Heavy Machinery)

  • Tucker (Heavy Machinery)

A good set for my wallet. It's hard to judge because we haven't seen all of the figures yet, but there's nothing here that I need at all.

OTIS is tempting as I'm a huge fan, but unfortunately Mattel got caught releasing him with his old singlet look. At this point, I'll wait for trunks OTIS.

Brood Christian will probably be a great-looking figure, but I don't care enough for that gimmick to purchase it. I finally got a John Cena in the collection so I don't think they can get me to grab another one.