Saturday, February 1, 2020

Fast & Furious 9 International Trailer (2020)

This trailer is wild, and of course a bonus is "Big Match John" John Cena is debuting in the Fast Saga.

Problem is, I haven't watched these movies aside from the first one so I reached out to my best friend and SAW DC partner Norko for some takes on this trailer.

Here's some of the thoughts he shared:

  • "We now know what John Cena's role is and it's a big one."

  • "They do a great job at upping the ante without it feeling repetitive."

  • "This series had just gotten more and more ridiculously fun as the series has gone on and this looks to be another great one in that same line."

Again I haven't watched any of them after the original, but I know for a fact that last take is true.

Hopefully we are somehow one day closer to The Rock, John Cena, and Roman Reigns appearing in a movie related to this series.

The Big Dog is less likely considering his bit part in Hobbs & Shaw, but I could definitely see Rock and Cena crossing paths on the silver screen at some point.

I'd be curious to see who shares this sentiment because Norko also said, "One thing I love is that this is a series not rooted from a previous TV show or comic book franchise, this is all on its own."

I think that's an interesting point because there's no source material to pull from or be beholden to, and it makes the whole thing a lot more unpredictable. For that matter it has to be more creatively freeing in a way.