Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Eddie Kingston's Promo On NWA Powerrr

This one got some momentum last night on Twitter as I saw it shared several times.  

Eddie Kingston absolutely KILLS this promo. It is some of the most believable mic work you'll see in 2020, and it does a great job putting over what a huge deal Homicide is.

As for Eddie Kingston, I have only seen him live once and it was during AWE's COMBAT ENTERTAINMENT run in Jonesboro, GA.

He is a tremendous talker in general, and more importantly has an aura about him.

Somewhat amusing story from that show was that me, Norko, and our other buddy kind of halfheartedly had started a chant during his promo. He was just about to try to feed that when we gave it up though. So he looks over at us and very sarcastically says, "Thanks a lot guys!"

Got a chuckle out of us, and was a little thing that made me appreciate him even more as a performer.