Saturday, February 1, 2020

BRAUN Strowman Wins Intercontinental Championship

I've never been keen on BRAUN as a champion as he's probably best suited to be more of a special attraction type. To me, he's a problem as a champion because either he's going to continue to demolish your entire roster OR you ruin what is special about him by making him vulnerable.

That said I have always argued that he needs a couple of these moments, and I'm glad he got one on SmackDown on FOX last night.

By this point he probably should have at least briefly held one of the top titles, but this was still pretty great in my mind. It also looked like The Monster Among Men was really touched by the moment.

Good for BRAUN, and good for WWE with this fantastic moment. Also I kind of referenced this, but this is the first real singles gold for him in WWE. That's kind of wild to think about honestly.