Sunday, February 16, 2020

Abandoned: Forest Fair Mall AKA Cincinnati Mills AKA Cincinnati Mall

I say this all the time, but as far as "things that don't actually matter yet bum me out" goes I'd say the death of malls is high on that list.

I have no attachment to this mall as I have never heard of it until I stumbled across this article, but I share because it has some really sharp photos, and it only has 18 of them as opposed to some massive album.

It looks really cool, and I would love the opportunity to tour an abandoned mall just like this.

My original "home mall" was Shannon Mall in Union City, GA which was about seven or eight miles from our house.

Norko and I got to visit it one last time before it closed about six months later. It was really interesting to see how bad of shape it was in, but it brought back a ton of great memories.

After a Georgia Tech football game, me and Mom swung by and visited the Macy's after the inner mall was already closed.

Much like this one it was renamed at some point and was Union Station Mall when it closed. It has since been knocked down, and had a movie studio built where it once stood.

If this kind of stuff interests you, check out Sky City: Retail History. It's a great site. If  you're on Facebook, send a request to join the private Sky City: Retail History group there.