Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Seth Rollins: Monday Night Messiah

Right after Seth Rollins aligned with AOP, I dropped this piece and touched on why I thought it was a good idea.

After seeing this thing develop a little bit, it's pretty incredible how effective this role is for  Rollins. In contrast to the goofy, and cowardly "Authority" Seth Rollins we've gotten one that has much more of an edge to him, and most importantly, an aura of menace.

The menace is enhanced by AOP in the background, but Rollins himself is a lot more interesting than during his previous major heel run.

"Monday Night Messiah" Seth Rollins is a different animal entirely. A guy who is claiming to do the right thing, the right way, and for the right reasons who is obviously not afraid to hurt or put down anyone who gets in the way of his vision for Monday Night Raw.

There's just the right amount of a sinister undertone to everything he does, and honestly it absolutely RULES.

As badly as his Universal Champion run was handled even after beating Brock Lesnar TWICE, WWE has managed to give us arguably the most interesting Rollins we've ever had.

Most importantly, I am interested to see where they go with this as I already want to see him "get his" in a way that you don't necessarily get with other heels.

They've done a good job, and I hope they all keep it up.