Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Seth Rollins & AOP: It's A Good Idea

It feels like we've been fantasy booking the AOP as someone's muscle since the beginning of time, but we finally got it last week when Seth Rollins revealed he was in league with them.

So far I am big fan of the pairing for a couple of reasons. One, it's a fresh start for Rollins who was harmed tremendously by the Hell In A Cell fiasco with The Fiend.  Secondly it gives AOP focus, and makes them feel so much more important than they ever would have just returning to the tag division no matter how dominant they were.

Looking at each issue, I really like this for Rollins' sake in part because right now it feels different than his previous run as The Authority's chosen one. There's a more serious edge to what he's doing that really works for me.

Someone compared it to an almost Michael Corleone vibe from The Godfather. During the show I realized his whole deal reminded me of Brad Wesley and his Jasper Improvement Society from the cinematic class Road House.

In both those situations you had people that were doing horrific things allegedly in the name of a greater good.  Of course that greater good was more about their power and enriching themselves, but it all sounded real nice.

Both also were very calm and controlled when they wanted to be. The may have done maniacal things, but they didn't exude a maniacal presences.

As for AOP, their vignettes were picture perfect leading up to their return. The project a real sense of menace. Both are scary looking individuals, but Rezar specifically has a great look that is tailor-made for how they are presented right now.

Coming in as Seth Rollins' hired guns is a move that make them real players on Raw in a way that simply being a tag team never would. WWE has a real opportunity to make a few guys (while fixing the one who is already a huge star). 

As always everything comes down to the follow-through, but I have very high hopes for this trio.