Tuesday, October 29, 2019

WWE: Rusev Left Crushed By Lana And Bob

There was some concern about ending Raw last night with this segment, but it absolutely delivered the kind of over-the-top wrestling BS that I absolutely crave every once in a while.

It is largely carried by Rusev's charisma, but the whole program has really been made by the goofiness of Bobby Lashley (my personal style guide says to refer to him as Bob BTW). This Bob Tweet I saw first thing this morning was a perfect cherry on the sundae from Scumbag Bob even. Lana deserves a lot of credit for last night's segment as well.

In general, I saw some discussion yesterday about whether it even made sense for Rusev to be madder at Bob than he is Lana. To me it's pretty simple really. Rusev loves the girl still, and that's how most situations like this shake out.

People often complain about storylines like this not making sense, but I tend to think it's because they look at characters as androids that should behave logically which is 100% contrary to the human experience.

I put it this way on Twitter yesterday...
Some, not all and maybe not even most, complaints about wrestling storytelling come from people who clearly do not grasp actual human emotion and behavior.

They think people by and large behave logically and rationally at all times which I assure you is NOT the case.
The other issue is they say something is "illogical" when what they should say is "I don't like it."

Anyhow, this is getting us a bit off track, but the point is that the closing segment of Raw was entertaining wrestling BS, and I enjoyed it. A friend said this on Twitter, and I agree...I really want to see Rusev fight Bob now. I will take it a step further. BOTH guys are far more interesting than they would be if they were still silent killers like most think they should be presented as.

Go get him Rusev! Almost forgot, but this face killed me.