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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

AEW Brings In Three Judges For World Title Match At Full Gear

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Yesterday, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) sent out a press release stating that a panel of three judges would be used to determine a winner in the AEW World Title match at Full Gear if it went the 60-minute time limit.

If you are unaware the current champion is Chris Jericho who heads up a stable called "Inner Circle" and the challenger is Cody Rhodes.

Upon reading this I had two thoughts.

The first thought was, "Hey this reminds me of Clash of the Champions 1 between champion Ric Flair, and challenger Sting." In that regard I really like this because it does give me a small taste of nostalgia.

Almost immediately though I thought about how that match turned out, and realized this could mean you're not getting a very satisfying outcome to this match.

Bringing in judges in case of a time-limit draw would indicate to me that the match is going 60 minutes and going to the judges. The problem with that is I cannot imagine Chris Jericho putting on an exciting 60 minute match at this stage of his career, but more importantly going to the judges is going to be a letdown no matter what.

This really is one of those deals where they probably shouldn't even have Cody get a title shot at this point UNLESS he's going to win it. If you have to go to judges, you don't want Cody winning it that way.

I would think that if they go to judges that Jericho is retaining the title and the most likely scenario for that is one judge votes Jericho, one judge votes Cody, and the third votes a draw which ends up rendering your stipulation meaningless anyway. (This is basically how Clash of the Champions went even though that match MADE Sting, the dynamic here is a lot different).

The whole thing seems like a bad idea to me unless they are implementing the judges as a way to subvert our expectations. It's probably not ideal to bring the judges in and not use them, but having a clear victor (especially if it's Cody) without going to the judges is a preferable outcome. It's also an outcome we won't expect because of the stipulation.

If it were me, I wouldn't have this match at all right now. If I had to have it, I'd have Cody leave victorious, but I will be shocked if Chris Jericho isn't still champion coming out of Full Gear.