Monday, September 9, 2019

David Bixenspan Profiles ACTION Wrestling For MEL Magazine

Bix does a fantastic job in the piece above articulating what makes ACTION Wrestling so special. It's not just the idea that the proceeds are always going to a good cause. It's also that it attracts a real fun and hot crowd to their shows.

Anyone, who has been to a show knows exactly what I am talking about too. It's especially true of the children in the audience as they are LOUD the whole night. In general though, there's not even a touch of a smarky undertone in that building...EVER. It's one thing I personally really enjoy about the shows as well.

Indie star Dom Garrini puts it best:
“The actual atmosphere was crazy,” recalls Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player turned indie wrestler Dominic Garrini, who headlined the first ACTION show. “Pockets of kids would be so vocal toward the babyfaces that it was unreal.”
It makes for a real fun night of pro-wrestling, and the fact that your money is going from your pocket to a good cause really is icing on the cake as a fan.

As an aside, Dom headlined that first ACTION Show on Friday, April 27, 2018 against Gunner Miller.