Monday, September 9, 2019

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment's No Cap

Last night, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment presented their event No Cap from the District in downtown Atlanta.  This is their 2nd show since returning to AWE from the previously named Combat Entertainment. From all reports their first show was a solid triple.  No Cap was definitely a home run. A fantastic show from top to bottom. AWE is definitely back.

The venue, District, is a great venue for AWE. The ambiance and the atmosphere is absolutely perfect for what AWE has to offer and the fans really seemed to have liked it as well.

We started with 2 dark matches, which both featuring guys from the WWA4 school, which is a good thing, because AR Fox continues to show why his school is one of the best in Georgia with all the talent coming out of it.

The opening match had Bix Xan taking on Deion Glover and the 2nd dark match had Talon Onyx taking on Wristlock Wayne (that one could be wrong, I was unable to make it out over the PA but I know he had Wristlock in his name)

Then we had Josh come out to open the show and make the unfortunate announcement that changes had to be made due to guys being unable to appear but still had a great show planned out.

The first match on the main show had Jackson Stone taking on Ryan Remington. I was particularly impressed with Stone. He has great size and is just good. He gets the win with a brain buster to the knee.

Next up we had Griffin McCoy vs Ethan Bryce. McCoy is a member of the Young, Dumb and Broke faction. He gets the win with a cradle tombstone piledriver.

Next up we had DeAndre Jackson vs Speedy Ricky. It was originally supposed to be Eddie Kingston but he wasn't there so Ricky replaced him. Jackson was very angry and took it out on poor Ricky. Even referee, Grandpa Booker had to cringe at the strikes Jackson was giving out. Jackson obviously gets the win and calls out Kingston.

Next up we had the finals of the ATM (Atlanta's Top Manager) contest. There was a lot of controversy going in to it because 2 of the finalists found a loophole in the system and gamed their way into the finals. And management was not happy but, gave full transparency and let it go through because in the finals the fans would truly vote as to who would win. One of the guys who got screwed out of making the finals, 3MP was at the show and brought a big contingent with him and they were very vocal in their support of him. It was so loud that management allowed him into the finals as a write-in due to the amount of fans he brought with him to the show. The other 3 finalists had a chance to make their case, only Young Professor stood out, while the others failed in their attempts to win the audience over.  The winner was set to be announced later in the show.

Next up in the match department we had a 4 way tag between Fabulous Fitness, Suge D and Adrian Armour. Hunter Law and another guy I didn't get his name and Chester Cheetah and another guy representing Young Dumb and Broke. It was a fast paced, action packed match, with YD and B getting the win.

Next up was a ROAR match between Ruthless Lala and Tesha Price.  Lala had gear on inspired by Beerus from the anime Dragon Ball Super, which I absolutely loved. I was told good things about Ms. Price so I was eager to see this match. Unfortunate we didn't get to see how good she was as she was injured early in the match. I will say this, despite suffering the knee injury, Ms. Price worked as hard she could through it but suffered the loss to Lala. Lala then called out Murder One going back to the last time she was in AWE, she wanted to fight him. There was no response from M1. I do hope Ms. Price comes back, I would've liked to have seen what she could do uninjured.

Andy Dalton vs Thomas Shire was next up with the winner becoming the #1 contender to the Georgia Wrestling Crown, currently held by Chip Day. I heard a lot about Shire, being a graduate from Dory Funk's dojo. He lived up to it. He gets the win to become #1 contender. It was then announced for the next show in October it will be Thomas Shire vs Chip Day for the title and the Metro Brothers will take on the Gym Nasty Boys.

The dream partner tag team match was next with Matt Kenway and CB Suave with MTV's Canvas in their corner taking on Chip Day and AJ Gray. It was originally supposed to be Joe Black but he was not at the show so Gray replaced him. And what a replacement. Gray was a great unexpected surprise. Since adapting a more hard hitting style, I've become a big fan of his. Kenway was running from Chip most of the match but Chip finally got his hands on him and gets the win, much to the chagrin of Canvas.

Chip was interviewed in the ring afterwards. He mentioned since Joe Black wasn't there, he no longer owed the Hierarchy a favor. Josh stated the contract was signed before Joe was unable to appear so thus he technically still owed them.

We then had the announcement of the winner of the ATM. Only Young Professor and 3MP were in the ring and the crowd was informed it was down to 4 votes and Young Professor wins. Who he is going to represent, he didn't elaborate. It wasn't over for 3MP as well as he stated he will be back at the next show as well. So it looks like it was a success for both men as Young Professor won it fair and Square but 3MP brought his contingent with him. My only question is can 3MP bring them again next show?

It was then main event time with Jimmy Rave going for the CZW Wired Title held by Jordan Oliver. The match got off to a slow start with Oliver doing a lot of stalling straight out of Jimmy's playbook. I noticed fans around me started to really get annoyed with it to the point they were talking about leaving. But thankfully they didn't and the match started to pick up. The rest of the YD and B came out to interfere and fought off by the members of the Heiarchy. Once they left. Oliver found a way and got the win over Rave to retain the title.

Overall it was a homerun by AWE. The excitement and the fanatics are back and they seemed to have enjoyed the return of AWE. Hours later I still think about how much I enjoyed the show as well. I cannot wait until November when I will be able to attend a show again.