Tuesday, August 20, 2019

ACTION Wrestling Presents Scenic City Futures 2019 Thoughts

This is the standard disclaimer on the Scenic City 2019 pieces, skip down to the underlined part below if you read the Night 1 piece already.

If you've ever paid attention to me or this site before you will already know this, but any new readers need to be told. This piece will not be a report or review of the matches or the shows. There are way too many people who do that better than me, and I will link to some Georgia Wrestling History reports at the bottom of this piece.

This series is going to basically be a look at some random thoughts and takeaways from this weekend. Most will be about the shows themselves, but I'm also going to touch on the entire SCI phenomenon and the other events that were held at the Best Western Heritage Inn.

Also I was not able to get in town early enough for the Crux event, and did not make the trip up to SUP in Nashville either.

With all that out of the way, let's get started with Part 1 Scenic City Invitational 2019 Night One Thoughts.

ACTION Wrestling Presents Scenic City Futures

  • It was great seeing Jeffrey Taylor of Jeffrey Show Live doing the ring announcing in place of Scott Hensley. Scott does a great job of course, but it was nice to see Jeffrey get that opportunity and Scott getting to enjoy the show differently.

  • Benjamin Carter is an exciting prospect. He has a great look, and has a fun high-flying style.

  • ACTION regular James Bandy is someone I've enjoyed getting to watch over the last year or so. One thing he has that a lot on the scene don't is SIZE. Bandy is a big dude, but can keep up with anyone in there.

  • The One Called Manders v Gnarls Garvin v Zachary Cooper was INSANE. The crowd LOVED Manders and "BIG BEEF" Garvin who is apparently a big fan of Terry Gordy (which makes a ton of sense, and reminds me of a Tasmanian devil. Cooper is really good as well, and this was a three-way HOSS FIGHT.

  • Speaking of ACTION guys, it has also been a pleasure watching Bobby Flaco grow as a performer. He's from my neck of the woods so we have a rooting interest in this guy, and I am glad he gets opportunities like this in front of these Scenic City crowds (and ACTION of course).

  • Lutha X is a guy I want to see more of after this show.

  • A special treat that I hope created a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in the "I'll stay at the Best Western and eat mozz sticks in the pool" crowd was VIOLENCE IS FOREVER's unannounced appearance against IFHY. Great match, and this moment right here is one of the lasting things that came out of Scenic City Invitational Weekend 2019.

  • Cain Justice is an entertaining heel. 

  • Alan Angels being a good guy is something that's taking some getting used to for me personally, but he's supremely talented and is excelling in that role.

  • The Futures Championship match coming down to Manders v Carter v Flaco was a treat for me personally as I came into the weekend being a fan of two of them (Flaco/Carter), and left the weekend being a fan of all three.

    Manders wins the match to become the Scenic City Futures 2019 Champion, and is someone that I recommend everyone check out on IWTV or LIVE if you get the opportunity.

This was a great show at a tremendous value. If I was ever going to consider skipping the Futures show during an SCI weekend I no longer will based on the strength of this show. It was incredible.

My Scenic City Invitational 2019 Night One Thoughts are UP as well if you did not check that piece out already.

As promised here's the full report from Georgia Wrestling History: Scenic City Futures Showcase 2019 Report (Rob Brodhecker)