Thursday, June 6, 2019

WWE Returns To The Columbus Civic Center (GA) July 2019!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make this show, but if you can I HIGHLY recommend it. In recent years I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the WWE live events (house shows) more than the televised ones for the most part.

Raw on Monday, February 25, 2019 with Roman Reigns' announcement, and the Ric Flair birthday part that never happened would be the one show on a whole that was more fun than a live event.

House shows give you what a lot of fans miss in the 2019 WWE product. That is a straight-forward almost old school wrestling experience, and being able to see the WWE Superstars in a more intimate venue.

This show isn't listed on WWE's site yet, but there's a Raw branded house show in New Jersey the same day so it would appear you're getting the stars of SmackDown LIVE! on this one.

It appears I didn't do a reaction post to the 2018 Columbus, GA house show we went to, but here's a look at our 2017 experience if that helps you make a decision about this show.

I will update this post as soon as tickets are on sale so we can discuss what a great value for your dollar a house show is. In the past I've gotten tickets for as low as $15 a piece (minus the BS Ticketmaster fees), and there really isn't a bad seat in the house!

UPDATE: Don't have ticket prices yet as the presale starts on June 6, 2019, but WWE has added this show to their site and it is confirmed to be a SmackDown LIVE branded show (which we knew due to Raw running that same day in NJ.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, WWE SmackDown LIVE Women's Champion Bayley, and Roman Reigns are the three top billed talents for this show. The email from the Columbus Civic Center also states that it is the final WWE visit to that venue this year. My son and I went in January to a show during Roman's hiatus.

UPDATE 2: Presale ticket are on sale NOW! Prices look like they range from $15 (the tix I usually get) to $110 which probably excludes the special WWE VIP packages, etc. 

*Post originally posted on June 3, 2019*