Tuesday, June 4, 2019

24/7 Title: Jinder Mahal V R-Truth At A Driving Range!

This actually happened on Sunday, but I'm just now sharing it to let the house show post breathe a little bit. This is the kind of fun social media thing the 24/7 Title is perfect for.

Hopefully you already watched the video, but let's recap here.

  •  You've got the usual quality of banter between R-Truth and Carmella (who are a fantastic pairing).

  • Jinder Mahal shows up IN FULL RING GEAR with a ref in tow to win the strap.

  • While Jinder celebrates he leaves himself open to the deadliest move in the WWE Universe...the rollup. Truth is once again your champion.

  • Carmella takes off without Truth in the golf cart so your 24/7 Champion has to grab on to the cart and is dragged several 

  • Don't forget, you also have a WWE referee in full gear at this driving range too!

The whole thing is the kind of absurdity that I like to see in WWE to some degree. At this point, you either "get" and embrace the absurdity or it's just not going to be for you.