Tuesday, May 21, 2019

WWE Unveils 24/7 Title

One of my favorite places to eat got in on the fun so I went with that Tweet, but WWE unveiled their new 24/7 Title last night. It works exactly like the WWE Hardcore Title did when it was defended under the 24/7 rule, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

As seen last night, it primarily exists to give the lower card guys something to do, and I'm fine with that. To me, it will be a fun thing to keep an eye on via social media because I'd be shocked if they don't have that thing changing hands in the middle of the day at least occasionally, and every (male?)* wrestler under the WWE banner is eligible for it.

Like with anything these days I've seen some negativity about it. I will say that the belt itself isn't very pleasing, but that's a minor critique. AT WORST I think the title or the concept of it should be "inoffensive." If you're supremely worked up about it or think it devalues other titles or whatever, I'd recommend getting some fresh air.

As of published time we've had three champions. Titus O'Neill was the inaugural champion who was defeated by Robert Roode. The current champion is fan-favorite R-Truth (who has referred to it as the European Title.)

At some point I'd probably like to tackle the larger issue of "titles having less value than ever," but I don't think this is the time and place for that. I will say that I think it's an overrated talking point largely coming from folks who have obvious biases.

*They said Superstar, and so far they've all been men, but it would not shock me to see a woman hold the title much like they did the WWE Hardcore Title.