Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Unpopular Opinion: WWE Stars That I Like

Got some, likely, unpopular opinions I'd like to share with you.

Here are some WWE Superstars that I am enjoying that many folks take issue with for reasons on screen and off.

For the record, my list is solely touching on what we see on TV. I'm not necessarily a fan of their real life behavior or defending that. It's just that I enjoy their work.

  • Randy Orton -  I went into this one in the past, but the main takeaways are that the RKO OUTTANOWHERE thing will forever pop me. He shows up when he wants, does as little as possible for as much bank as possible. He's livin' the dream, folks.

    That reputation actually plays to his character's benefit at this point. It's all incredible to me. All about The Viper.

  • Shane McMahon - At some point I just embraced the absolute absurdity that is Shane McMahon. Once you learn to let go of your gripes about this guy, you'll appreciate him differently.

    Do his punches suck? Yep. Does that matter? Not to me. Him going out there occasionally, sweating profusely, and having awkward classics with folks like AJ Styles is MY kind of wrestling. Keep it up Shane O'Mac!

  • The Three Blondes (Alexa Bliss, Lacey Evans, and Mandy Rose - My official statement on WWE's women has been published to Twitter for a while, but I am going to step outside of that to tell you why I like each of these individuals.

    • Alexa Bliss - An incredible talker who has the legitimate "IT factor." She's a star, and she projects as one.

    • Lacey Evans - Her gimmick and commitment to it is perfect. She is the absolute perfect foil for someone like "The Man" Becky Lynch. Her randomly showing up and walking the aisle was an amusing act, and the sucker punch of Becky 2 Belts was the perfect payoff.

    • Mandy Rose -Has a tremendous look, is in a fantastic pairing with Sonya Deville (who is great, but that's not an unpopular opinion) in Fire & Desire, and will knee your soul out of your body. I'm here for all of it.

Not a comprehensive list by any stretch, but those are the six individuals who I always enjoy seeing on Raw and/or SmackDown LIVE that are NOT necessarily popular with people I interact with on Wrestling Twitter.