Thursday, May 9, 2019

TWBP: ACTION Wrestling 8, Scenic City Showdown 2019, And Making Towns Classic 2019

Norko flew solo on The Wrestling Brethren Podcast ( a sponsor of ACTION Wrestling like SAW), and talked about ACTION Wrestling 8 at East Coweta HS, and the Making Towns Classic 2019.

As he was unable to make the trip up for the Scenic City Showdown 2019, he asked me to do a "run-in" as he calls it to talk just a little bit about that show.

TWBP Panelist Seth Zillman put it this way...
The past couple of weeks have had some big shows in the southeast section of US wrestling and Norko was able to attend some of these shows, with Action Wresting and the 2019 Making Towns Classic tournament shows and he gives you his thoughts on these shows.
It's a nice easy listen (right at 20 minutes) so check it out.

Hit me (@S_ATL_Wrestling) and Norko (@thebottomline) up on Twitter with thoughts if you are so inclined.