Thursday, May 30, 2019

Stephanie McMahon And WWE Condemn Lesnar And Heyman's Actions

This is an unexpected twist in this story. As burnt out as I am on Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, I will admit they've been pretty entertaining since their return.

The Raw Preview for June 3rd just dropped, and here's their take on this video.
Okay, sure, it was really funny when Brock Lesnar thwacked Paul Heyman on the head with the Men’s Money in the Bank contract upon learning he had a full year to cash it in against Seth Rollins or whoever holds the Universal Championship or WWE Title at the time. It could even be Baron Corbin, depending on what happens at WWE Super ShowDown. It could still be WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, too. But the lasting impression of Brock’s interaction with Heyman is somewhat more ominous: The Conqueror now has zero incentive to move against a champion until he’s ready — or even call his shot ahead of time like he was planning to. WWE management already isn’t thrilled with Lesnar’s hardball tactics, with Stephanie McMahon promising to take The Beast’s actions under review with both the McMahon family and the company’s executive team. But while we wait for them to decide on a course of action, Rollins — and Kingston, for that matter — are left to twist in the wind.

The Beastslayer already seemed like he was starting to crack a little bit against Sami Zayn later in the show, and staring down a potentially yearlong waiting game, Rollins already finds himself at a mental disadvantage as he waits for the sword to fall. Could be next year. Could be this week. Rollins and Kingston have to wait. And so do we.
Not sure where this is going exactly, but it's interesting. I'll give them that.

A typically reliable source on Twitter today suggested that SummerSlam will be a "stacked" show as well.