Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Shield Rides One Last Time?

This did not play out exactly like I wanted or how I would have done it, but it is still a great moment.

I'm not sure I still believe that Dean Ambrose is gone after Mania or not, but if it is then this is absolutely the right move for WWE Fastlane.

Let's talk about what I didn't love about it. You don't see it play out quite the same in this clip I don't think, but I did not care for how they kept cutting to Dean up the aisle. I would have taken the focus completely off of him until he decided to help his boys out. It's a nitpick, but I think it would work better than how they chose to shoot it.

That said, I'm glad to see the Hounds of Justice again, and I hope this leads to a Roman v Corbin match at Mania. I will have more about that in a separate piece though.

Glad the Big Dog is back, and I'm glad The Shield is reunited.