Wednesday, March 6, 2019

SAW EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Billy Buck V Logan Stunt AT ACTION Wrestling Saint Paddy's Brawl FREE! (Saturday, March 16, 2019 Shamrock Park Tyrone, GA)

Logan Stunt
At the FREE ACTION Wrestling Saint Paddy's Brawl (as part of the Town of Tyrone's St. Patrick's Day Festival), you're going to get to see one of the hot new names on the scene take on a man that Tyrone, GA HATES.

That hot new name is "The Bite Sized Brawler" Logan Stunt (Yes, he's the brother of "The Guy" Marko Stunt), and he recently turned heads at SUP's What Could Possibly Go Right? in Nashville, TN.

His pinned Tweet (@LoganStunt) shows you how smooth the kid is.

It is very exciting to see a young man like this come through ACTION as you always like to see new talent, and when it's someone coming in with some buzz that makes it even cooler.

I am confident the ACTION crowd will LOVE this guy, and I am just as confident that the ACTION crowd will DESPISE Billy Buck as much as they usually do.

Now when I say that please understand I cannot take anything away from Billy Buck or Team TAG. They are accomplished, and they will get the job done one way or another...individually or collectively.

That lack of concern about HOW it gets done coupled with Billy Buck's typically surly attitude is what makes them so disliked.

All this makes for what should be an absolute HOOT of a match, and I'm glad I will be there.  I am even happier that I will pay exaclty $0.00 to see a fantastic match and show like this outdoors at Shamrock Park in Tyrone, GA.

So if you've been hesitant to check out an ACTION show for whatever reason, here's another FREE opportunity to do so. Come on out and have a great time.