Friday, March 29, 2019

New Era Drops More WWE Hats

You may remember when I mentioned that New Era Cap was partnering with WWE. They started with a Legends collection which had an nWo hat I wanted (still haven't gotten it).

Now they've dropped more hats with current WWE Superstars including Roman Reigns!

In addition to the Legends collection that dropped in February, they have added the following:
  • AJ Styles

  • Finn Balor

  • John Cena

  • Roman Reigns

  • Sasha Banks

  • Seth Rollins

I just noticed too that several of the WWE Legends ones are listed as SOLD OUT. I certainly hope they'll be releasing more because one is that nWo hat I liked so well.

It also makes me wonder if I need to pull the trigger on this Roman Reigns hat pictured below because it's my favorite out of this collection.

I also just noticed that the Becky Lynch hat that a Twitter Mutual posted isn't on New Era's site, but is on WWE Shop.