Thursday, March 28, 2019

#KOFIMANIA Revisited

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Now that The New Daniel Bryan (c) v Kofi Kingston match for the WWE Championship has been made official, I felt that it was time to revisit the #KOFIMANIA movement.

It was last discussed here when the Gauntlet Match was set for Kofi. He beat all the advertised opponents, but The New Daniel Bryan pinned him to close out the show.

Kofi has finally earned his shot though, and I am a BIG FAN of how it happened.

Instead of another obstacle being put directly in front of Kofi, Mr. McMahon forced his partners in the New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) to win a tag team gauntlet.

It was beautiful and it played so well into the story they've been telling. Big E, and Woods have stated repeatedly that their goal is to make Kofi Kingston a WWE Champion. With their win he is poised to do it.

A nice touch was The Usos forfeiting their segment of the Gauntlet because they respect the New Day, and wanted Kofi to earn the shot as well. Will be interesting to see if there's any retaliation for the decision because I'd imagine there would be.

I saw a take from one of WWE's former writers (who is apparently allergic to having good takes) that the tag team gauntlet match was ill-advised, but as usual I think he's mistaken, and this post-match photo is my argument.

Making Woods & Big E put their bodies on the line to get their friend across the finish line was a nice touch, and drives home the point that this isn't just about Kofi. I mean look at their Mania shirt: New Day New Dream shirt!

 The whole thing is amazing whether it was initially a happy accident or not. We are in full-on "WWE is giving me something I didn't even realize I wanted" and I could not be happier for Kofi Kingston.

Let's just hope they do the right thing, and we see Kofi triumph "against all odds" at WrestleMania 35.