Tuesday, March 26, 2019

ACTION Wrestling 8: Team TAG V "The CEO" Matt Griffin And Two Mystery Partners

There's six-man tag action coming to ACTION Wrestling 8 (Friday, April 26, 2019 at East Coweta HS in Sharpsburg, GA).

The situation has come to a head between ACTION Wrestling CEO, Matt Griffin, and Team TAG. It's been simmering since ACTION's inception almost a year ago.

Anyhow, The CEO is going to get some backup, and is going get in the ring and punch Billy Buck, Kevin Blue, and Chris Spectra in the face....and I'm glad I will be there to see it.

If you were at Sandy Creek HS for the SuperShow, you'll know EXACTLY how we got to this point.

If you were not fortunate enough to be in the building for that incredible show, it will be up on IWTV shortly. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. Once it hits IWTV, I will have a full review up here, and a results post is already available.

ACTION Wrestling 8 will benefit the Coweta High School Wrestling Programs!

It only costs $10 to get in the door, support a worthy cause, and witness some fantastic wrestling live! Full details are located here, and tickets are already available at ACTION-Wrestling.com.

**South Atlanta Wrestling is proud to be a sponsor of ACTION Wrestling!**

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