Saturday, March 23, 2019

ACTION Wrestling 7 SuperShow Results From Sandy Creek HS

ACTION Wrestling 7 SuperShow at Sandy Creek HS is in the books.

Here are the results with a review to follow:

  • ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack defeats "The Captain" Shawn Dean in a non-title match

  • Even though the Watts Rules were banned, Michael Marshall pulled off the victory over crowd favorite "The Rock N Roll Model" Matt Sells.

  • The upstart tag team of Cain Justice/Jaden Newman defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy/Kerry Awful) through what I viewed as dubious means. Kerry had Cain in a Figure 4 when Jaden hit a big splash off the top rope and covered Kerry. It looked to me that Cain (still locked in the Figure 4) helped Jaden pin Kerry.

  • Slim J was able to put away a game Bobby Flaco with Anger Management. The crowd was really into both guys. 

  • Team TAG got the W against the team of Will Caution, Erik Havok, and Axl Havok (full disclosure I am looking into the spelling of Axl Havok, apologies if it isn't correct)

  • James Bandy survived the assault from O'Shay Edwards, and managed to pull of the victory. The crowd was WAY into the man I call "ACTION's Hometown Hero" James Bandy. 

  • Aja Perera didn't get to take on Dani Jordyn, but she did beat Danny Jordyn in intergender competition. She made quick work of him, and took her terrible attitude outside and got physical with Papa Hales which brought ACTION CEO Matt Griffin to his aid which brought us to this...

  • Team TAG rushed out and jumped Matt Griffin from behind, and left him laying in the middle of the ring. It was a brutal beatdown although as most know The CEO is a retired professional wrestler. As a matter of fact Matt will be teaming with Cabana Man Dan, and "Superstar" Bill Dundee at the Scenic City Showdown in Chattanooga, TN.

  • The main event was WILD, and saw Fred Yehi take out Arik Royal with the help of some pliers. Check it out on IWTV when it drops, you'll see what I mean.

More to come on this show later this week, but I wanted to get the results out there ASAP. We won't be hitting it hot and heavy just yet, but we'll start looking at ACTION Wrestling 8 at East Coweta HS (F, April 26, 2019) soon as well.

**South Atlanta Wrestling is a proud sponsor of ACTION Wrestling 7 Supershow!**