Monday, February 18, 2019

Kevin Owens Returning As A Heel Or Face?

Those Kevin Owens vignettes they've been running seem to suggest that we will finally be getting him as a face in WWE.

Some have taken this to mean that it's going to be a Brodus Clay-esque* swerve where he actually returns as a heel.

As a guy who has been HIGHLY critical of KO, I absolutely want to see him return as a good guy.

Why? We've seen KO as a bad guy, and I have no interest in that guy. Even if you're a fan you've got to be ready to see him do something different, right?

I think it would be a nice change of pace to see KO do something different. Will I still hate it? Possibly, but there's a chance it works better for me.

My issue with KO (if you don't know) is two-fold. 

1) I think he's the worst of two different wrestling styles: the no-selling nonsense coupled with laying on the mat in a headlock/chinlock for an eternity. I've heard crowds audibly groan and a match's momentum grind to a halt when he slaps one on.

2) It often feels to me that he's less interested in being hated as a bad guy as he is in being amusing.

That's my issue with him in simplest terms, and I'm hoping a run as a good guy might change some of that.

As for what happens, we'll found out in about a month or so, but I think a different take on Kevin Owens is DESPERATELY needed. I hope they go that direction with him.

*If you don't recall they ran vignettes insinuating Brodus Clay was going to be a MONSTER, and he became the dancing Funkasaurus instead.