Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine - Roman Reigns

Bill Chastain wrote a piece on Roman Reigns/Joe Anoa'i in the Winter 2018 Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine, and it is a pretty interesting read.

A lot of it is ground that most of The Big Dog's fans will be familiar with such as how his football career ended after a short run in the CFL, or that he met his wife, Galina at Georgia Tech (she was a track star), and of course that he's from a wrestling family.

The more interesting parts for us wrestling fans have to be the health update, and then some discussion about his perspective on the wrestling industry.

Whether he still intends to return to the ring...
He feels he's better prepared for the fight this time around, and he wants to make his situation clear: He's only stepping away from wrestling temporarily to battle this recurrence of cancer--he's not retiring.
I know that his most diehard fans especially are glad to hear that's still the plan.

His health, and fight against leukemia...
"I think with my great support system, and the love of my family and close friends, it's going to be a lot easier than last time," Anoa'i says, "But that's the main thing, jut get healthy and get back to work...I know everything is going to be all good again."
This kind of lines up with everything we hear, and it is good to hear that. I haven't shared all of them here, but for example BRAUN Strowman recently mentioned that Roman told him he was doing well. Roman is sharing that same sentiment here.

What I found more interesting though (with the health discussion out of the way) were his thoughts on the performing...
"When it comes down to it, the physical is a small part of the wrestling, probably 30 percent, " Anoa'i says. "The cerebral aspect is the most important part, about 70 percent, because you have to always be on your toes to promote your character inside and outside of the ring, especially for the live performances, regardless if they're on TV or not."

“When your performance is good, when you’ve moved the audience and you have them standing up at the end of the match—that’s winning.” he says. “We’re all winning—even if you’re the wrestler who just lost the match. Everybody is winning because the crowd has become lost in the story that we’re telling.”

Like I said, it's a good read and I highly recommend you read the whole thing if you're a Roman Reigns (the wrestler) or Joe Anoa'i (the Georgia Tech football player) fan.

As an aside, if you didn't read my Perspective From A Roman Reigns Fan piece from October 2018, I recommend doing so as it talks a little bit about how wrestling and college football worked together to make me such a huge Roman Reigns fan.