Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Gunner Miller OUT Until 2019 With Knee Injury

Touched on this yesterday in talking about how this would impact the June 29th ACTION Wrestling show in Tyrone, GA.

Read the piece above from Gunner's Facebook, and realized how serious this situation was.

Obviously, it's a bummer for him and that's far more important than my feelings on it. I think the guy is tremendous, and his match against Matt Riddle in the 2017 SCI Tournament was one of the best matches I saw that year.

He was a big hook for the inaugural ACTION Wrestling show, as he main evented against Dominic Garrini.

My son saw him at Scenic City Trios 2017, and he must have made an impression because he bought his hat and got it autographed at the ACTION show.

Best wishes to Gunner, and I hope he has a FULL and SPEEDY recovery.