Friday, May 4, 2018

TMZ: Hulk Hogan Return To WWE Almost A Done Deal

The nostalgic part of me wants to be excited for this, but Hogan's very public baggage makes that impossible.

I know this will be a controversial move, and if you are dead-set against it I really cannot and will not argue with you about that.

Since they are bringing him back I think this aspect is the right move. From the TMZ article...
Our sources say WWE was paying close attention to Hulk's speech at the Boys & Girls Club this week -- in which he said he wanted to help educate kids to not use the same language he did -- because they wanted to see how it was received. It went well with the crowd which gave Hogan a loud ovation.

What I am not saying is that this isn't an excuse or that it makes the move OK. What I am saying is that a silver lining here could be young people learning from his mistakes. At the very least it opens a dialogue.