Monday, May 7, 2018

Roman Reigns Needs To Turn On Seth Rollins

After Backlash I thought about what I wrote the other day some more and I still think there's a lot of validity to that, but I am now convinced that it's Seth Freaking Rollins that needs to dethrone Brock Lesnar.

The setup really isn't all that different from what I laid out with Roman and BRAUN in the piece linked above.  These parts are still in place:
  • Roman has to carry on like he has for a while longer (which is unfortunate as the reaction to the Backlash main event shows)
  • He has to be buddied up with whoever takes that Universal Title from Brock Lesnar
That is all of the critical components.  In this scenario you do not need Reigns and Rollins teaming leading up to that point as their history is already firmly established.

The same basic situation plays out from there (and I mentioned this on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling) before Backlash), the white hot Rollins beats Brock for the Universal Title, "Mr. Money In The Bank" Roman Reigns comes down to celebrate with him, Roman and him clown around with the idea that Roman will cash-in, right before it looks like the show is going off the air Roman attacks and successfully cashes-in.

The clowning around aspect was inspired by the teases between Randy Orton and Luke Harper back when Orton was a member of the Wyatt Family by the way. There were shows where Orton pretended he was going to RKO Harper before they laughed it off and posed.  Eventually, Orton pulled the trigger on a turn though.

The drawing it out until the very end of the show is inspired by Ciampa's turn on Gargano.

We are talking nuclear heat at that point, and you have a fresh Roman Reigns who is a franchise-level top heel taking on the white hot babyface Seth Rollins. Both guys will be positioned perfectly against each other for the first time since the lead up to Survivor Series 2015 which was derailed by Seth's knee injury.

The other beautiful aspect of this versus my BRAUN suggestion is that it's pretty poetic. Seth cashed-in on Roman at Mania 31, and Seth ruined Roman's moment at Extreme Rules 2016 (the second AJ Styles PPV match).  All this along with the way the crowd has treated Reigns since 2015 gives you the perfect situation for this turn.

An added bonus is you avoid dealing with a potentially problematic BRAUN title run. He gets to continue to wreck things in a pseudo-special attraction role without having to change to fit in as champion or guy chasing the champion.

I know I've changed it five billion times now, but this or something like it is what needs to happen for the sake of Raw, and for the sake of Roman Reigns. It will be good for Rollins too, but he's fine where he is. The show, and The Guy need this the most.

UPDATE: Another aspect they should consider is having Roman get irritated about being forced into the Money In The Bank match instead of getting another rematch with Lesnar. 

Let him and Kurt get into it tonight, and let that simmer as we head towards Reigns turning on new champ Rollins.