Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Roman Reigns And Raw's Main Event Scene

Before last night's Raw I shared on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling) that the worst thing that could happen to Roman Reigns was business as usual.

Meaning, a turn or a slide down the card would both be preferable to them trotting him out there like they did before he failed to take the Universal Title from Brock Lesnar (twice!).

Unfortunately, based on last night's show it appears they've chosen to do just that.  Now I still have high hopes that this will eventually take us somewhere exciting, but for now it appears to be the status quo.

This got me to thinking about what I would do with him on a post-Mania 34 and Greatest Royal Rumble Raw landscape.

First, I appreciate the fact that people say he needs to disappear for a while and they very well may be right. My premise is, however, that they will not take him off TV for an extended period of time so my idea here assumes that disappearing is not an option.

If you were going to have Roman snap soon it needed to be last night when Angle acknowledged that he was the rightful winner of the Universal Title match and should be champion.  Since you didn't do that I think you have to bide your time a bit to get where we need to go.

At this point, I think your best course of action is to carry on like you are with Roman and BRAUN occasionally teaming, and buddying up to each other a little bit in main events like they had last night partnering with Lashley against KO, Sami, and Jinder.

Meanwhile, you let Brock "break CM Punk's record"* and have him toppled by BRAUN at SummerSlam at the latest.  This sets the stage for BRAUN fully becoming the top face and champion on Raw.

Now I'm not sure what the timing needs to be on this and I do not do hardcore fantasy booking, but I think this scenario sets the stage for Roman finally turning heel, taking the belt from BRAUN, and allowing BRAUN to chase Roman for the strap.

Roman has enough credibility (especially if he forms a stable with The Usos or Authors of Pain at some point) that he can actually get the better of BRAUN, and since I think the money is in the chase with BRAUN he's better served in that role than as champion.

The bummer here is this very well means we never get the fully-realized run for Roman Reigns as The Guy as a face and as champ, but to me you kind of lost that opportunity by not pulling the trigger at Mania or GRR. 

Such is life, and at this point I think this is the best path forward for Roman Reigns (The Guy).

*I think worrying about his record is stupid, and it's a different belt and all that but might as well at this point. I also said they'd define it however they pleased to make it work.