Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My Thoughts On Friday The 13th: The Game's New Patch

I mentioned that the major patch we've been waiting for finally dropped the other day. After a weekend of heavy playing, here are my thoughts.

  • Jason's new grab animation is slick...and unforgiving. I really like the way it "feels" and the music when you hit it is an interesting addition. It's harder to hit to a degree though as it feels like it isn't quite as dynamic. If you whiff it also feels like you're vulnerable for longer.

  • Victoria Sterling (based on "mean girl" Amanda Shepard from Friday The 13th Par VII: The New Blood) is cool. Among hardcore players she is apparently similar to Chad or "BATTLE CHAD" as he's often referred to in the community. Always nice to have a new face in the game.

  • Single Player Challenges are a lot of fun, but can also be VERY frustrating. As one of the skulls you can earn to unlock new emotes is No Survivors, you don't have much room for error or else a counselor will escape.

    Best advice I can give you is sometimes you're going to need to replay a challenge just to get one specific objective. Like it doesn't matter if all but one of the counselors escape so long as you make sure you get that one objective done. Not being able to skip the introductory cutscenes is an annoyance.

  • Offline Bots has been refined. They are definitely more difficult. I still enjoy them, and they still need further tweaking as there's too much nonsensical "jump through windows repeatedly in the same cabin" stuff.

  • There are some new glitches so be aware of that. I just saw this AM that some losers have figured out how to glitch back up on the room on some maps. It is what it is, but I hope the devs get that straightened out quickly

That said, I played a ton this week and the game was still a lot of fun. Highest recommendation warts and all.