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Friday, May 4, 2018

Lashley Has NOT Been Released

An article from 2007 was either innocently or maliciously dug up on WWE's site today and passed around on Twitter. It covered Bobby Lashley's release from WWE.

Since it was not date this caused a great bit of confusion.

I was able to get a date on it by putting the URL and Google and got this:

So long story short, false alarm. The recently returned Lashley is still with WWE.

The main article on their site currently is WWE LIST THIS! 5 things you didn't know about Bobby Lashley.

UPDATE:  The Google date doesn't make any sense either though. He wasn't released until February 4, 2008.  He was injured though during that time so maybe they queued it up or something.

Either way, it is NOT a current article and he is still with WWE.