Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Better Career? Barry Windham Or Lex Luger

Let's talk about this. I like questions like this on Twitter where they are open-ended like that. I look at the question from a standpoint of career accomplishments. In that regard I think "The Total Package" Lex Luger wins handily.

If you're basing it strictly on in-ring work, I'd imagine Barry Windham takes it going away. The problem for Windham in this particular discussion is that Luger is CLEARLY the bigger star of the two. I am not even sure that's debatable either.

Luger hanging around and being a part of WCW during the Monday Night War era makes a huge difference. Injuries seriously slowed Windham down, and for all his success and in-ring ability he never really got to or back to that level Luger was able to achieve.

As it relates to Luger directly, I have long maintained he was an unsung hero of the WCW Monday Nitro era. His arrival was a great moment for WCW as was his WCW Title victory over Hollywood Hogan.

Luger had the look, and had the credibility that made him an important part of WCW programming.

I love Windham as much as the next guy, but Luger is the right pick here.

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