Saturday, April 7, 2018

Norko Talks Mania

Wrestlemania is tomorrow and for us wrestling fans, this is our Super Bowl. We wait all year for this and make big plans for them, whether it's to attend the event live, to have a big party at home, or attend a restaurant or bar that'll be showing it live.

For many years, our circle of friends would have a big party, and the host venue, like Mania itself,  would rotate every year. We would have our usual food choices, like potato chips, dip, pizza, etc. I always felt no matter how good the event actually was, a good time would always be had, spending it with good friends watching Mania.

Lots of fun memories were had, like the one year one of the friends arrives very late, like just in time for the main event. And him and his brother got into a huge argument over whether or not he was going to pay his portion of the PPV. If I recall correctly,  he did end up paying his portion, but the argument got so heated they almost got into a fist fight over it. Another guy calmed tensions down. Me and STF just stood in the background and laughed. Yeah that was bad of us, but we just wanted to enjoy the show.

As far as memories from the show that we all enjoyed, the best one was our reaction from WrestleMania XX, which had a main event of Triple H vs HBK vs Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Title. The event was ok until that match. It had our full attention and they did a great job of building the match to its epic finish. When Benoit got Triple H in the Crippler Crossface, we were all cheering and screaming for Hunter to tap and when he finally did we cheered as if we were in NYC live for it.

It's been years since we've all gotten together for a Mania party, but my excitement for this year's Mania hasn't. These last few weeks on the shows have done a good job of building up the hype for many of the matches. And with the addition of NXT: Takeover and the Hall of Fame Ceremony to the weekend, it'll definitely ensure that I for one will definitely enjoy it.