Wednesday, April 25, 2018

BRAUN As Top Face On Raw

I'm not saying I buy the idea that BRAUN is taking Roman's spot as top face on Raw, but it got me to thinking about that scenario.

In order for this to work I think you absolutely have to create a strong heel stable for him to battle. BRAUN as currently constructed will pretty much destroy anyone in a 1 on 1 situation AND that's what people love about him.

For them to get an vulnerability for BRAUN they are going to have to rely on the numbers game. Otherwise, I think you're in a situation where in order to make him your top face, you ruin what people love about him.

When I say a "strong heel stable" you have to think Horsemen or nWo, and not Miztourage.  Now I loved The Miztourage, and BRAUN bouncing guys like that around is always fun, but that's not enough to make him work as a top face.

Looking at Raw right now, you'd need like a Jinder Mahal or even Roman Reigns (!) paired with AOP to look like a real threat to BRAUN. It has to be a serious, strong stable that has a mean streak and doesn't mind hurting people.  That will make a great foil for BRAUN.

Not sure they're going to do it, but if they do this is how they just about have to do it.