Saturday, March 31, 2018

Toys R Us Megathread

It's only three posts, but it felt like it might be beneficial to put them all here so I could share them more easily.

Since the news broke of the original 180+ stores closing in January I have talked a bit about what Toys R Us means to me. It really was my "happy place." A place I could destress, and always enjoyed (until I went my last time).

Here's those pieces if you haven't seen them yet.


Part 1: Toys R Us Closing 180+ US Stores

Part 2: The End For Toys R Us Might Be Sooner Than We Thought

Part 3: The Closing Of Our Favorite Toys R Us Store (Fayetteville, GA)

Part 4: One Last Toys R Us Order? (Didn't know that was definitely the case at the time. Do now).

After I reshared these I got home and checked something I read online. I went to the TRU website where you are greeted with this message.